A Grapefruit & Josef Albers

In this exercise of Design Fundaments we learned to abstract and conceptualize. I needed to make my grapefruit looked like a work of Josef Albers. I choosed his composition named Portfolio 1, Folder 2 created in the year 1972. I started drawing my fruit until I achieve a middle point between my grapefruit and Josef Albers composition.

  1. First is the sketch of my grapefruit
  2. Then a high contrast of the grapefruit to conceptualize
  3. After that the colors I decided to use for my palette
  4. And then the final result of the whole excerise

It was not easy to abstract and conceptualize the grapefruit to make it looked like a Josef Albers composition, I liked the result but I could have improved the quality of the final result.

The technique is Gouche over Opalina.

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